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WA SPA Grand Opening Press Conference Held!
Norika Fujiwara was appointed as WA SPA BEAUTY Ambassador

(From left) Semifinalists for the Miss International 2016 pageant: 4th runner-up Saki Kawaguchi, 2nd runner-up Sairi Shimomura, Winner of Miss International Japan 2016 Jyunna Yamagata, Norika Fujiwara, 1st runner-up Mari Shonferudo Masuda, and 3rd runner-up Sayaka Fujimoto

A press conference to commemorate the grand opening of the WA SPA, a Japanese-inspired spa “made in Japan”, was held at GINZA MISS PARIS on November 17, 2015 (Tuesday).

In the pursuit of “beauty” that comes from the “soul of Japan”, Miss Paris, Inc. has created a new spa “made in Japan” that will excite your five senses. WA SPA combines manners, politeness, and hospitality.
The press conference opened with the inauguration of the “WA SPA BEAUTY Ambassador”, followed by the appearance of the five finalists of the Miss International Japan 2016 pageant, held on November 3rd, dressed in beautiful kimonos, who had come to support WA SPA. Winner of Miss International Japan 2016, Jyunna Yamagata, talked about her aspirations to “use WA SPA to refine her beauty as a Japanese woman.”
Subsequently, Norika Fujiwara, the newly appointed WA SPA BEAUTY Ambassador, appeared wearing a Kyo-Yuzen style kimono with bamboo pattern. When she was given a commemorative certificate by Miss Paris President & CEO Shimomura Akemi, she said, “I will do my best every day to show all of you how beauty can be achieved by a mind of harmony.”

Fujiwara opened the talk sessions with a speech about the treatments she had at WA SPA. About the “Bamboo Therapy”, which uses domestic bamboo that is purified in Daigoji temple in Kyoto, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to bring health and longevity, and the “Salt Scrub Treatment”, which uses sea salt from Setouchi, she said, “I really loved how smooth my skin was afterwards. I was healed in body and mind.” In addition, regarding WA SPA offering professional therapists who are proficient at various languages, she said, “next time foreign friends are in town, the first thing I’m going to do is bring them here. After recovering from the travel fatigue, both physically and mentally, I would like to take them on a stroll through Ginza.”

And then she added with a smile on her face, “When the elevator doors open, it’s like stepping into another world. The interior design incorporates the Japanese concept, and it also features a tea house, making WA SPA neither a beauty salon nor a traditional spa, but a completely new space for you to relax. It’s not only a space for women to be cared for, but also for men.”